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What is TechHippo?


At TechHippo every hour of learning has been created for one reason: to support purpose-driven creators in their efforts to build solutions that bring value to society. We love to see people grow, learn, and devote their time to building. Some keep growing, others fail – but come what may, the ones that stand up again are the ones that leave a dent in the universe.

Reimagining education

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting is becoming a core skill of the 21st century. Every industry is in constant change. Companies expect their top performers to rapidly adapt to market shifts, anticipate what’s next and to acquire new skills. It’s nearly impossible even for top talents to keep up on their own. You’ll need a supportive network of mentors and peers who know what works and what doesn’t. And you’ll need a dependable resource that’s evolving with the times. That resource is TechHippo.

What you’ll learn

Idea Development & Innovation

You need lots of ideas. Value is only created through execution over time. Learn how to seize opportunities and execute on them.

Product Development

Every problem has a solution. Developing the right solution is a mixture of science and art. Learn to develop solutions that perfectly fit the problem.

Startup & Growth

Growth needs ambition. We believe that ambition can be taught. Growth needs structure. Learn to scale your company.

For who?

TechHippo is for ambitious entrepreneurial minds. For the optimists who see problems as opportunities. The ones who love to build a team. Who focus their energy on an entrepreneurial journey. The world has problems. You have skills, the motivation and a builder personality. So let us start building.

Idea Generation

How to develop an idea

Ideas are the starting point to innovation. Without them there is not much to execute. And execution is key to learning. So it is obvious that ideas alone won’t make innovation happen. You need a systematic process for managing those ideas. This is what you’ll find in this section.

Product Development

How to build a product

Having ideas is easy. But turning them into reality is more than hard. In these classes you’ll learn how to move from idea to product, through market release and beyond. In other words, the classes incorporate a product’s entire journey.

Start-up and Scale-up

How to start and grow your company

Now the magic starts. Building a unique product requires a team, an organizational structure, and eventually growth. In these classes you’ll learn about the art of starting and scaling.


Technology Deep Dive

In our section with technology deep dives, you will get an intro to artificial intelligence, deeper knowledge on cutting edge technologies like machine learning or data science with python.

Become a Tutor or Mentor

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a TechHippo Mentor or Tutor. At TechHippo you can can share your knowledge with our students and you can talk about  what you know, what you love, what you’re really passionate about.

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